Jesus, Not “I Dream of Jeannie”

9 Apr

The name, pansy, comes from the French word, pensee, which means "to think." The pansy symbolizes "You occupy my thoughts." Let God occupy YOUR thoughts.

Sometimes it seems that we follow after God for what He can give us and not for the relationship we are able to have with the Creator of the universe.  But it’s ALL about relationship.  Sometimes I wonder if these little posts can be taken as “Three Simple Steps to Get Rid of Your Fear.”  If it ever seems that way, please know that is not my intent.

God can and does work all things together for good for those who love Him.  But He is not a genie.  We don’t get to control things.  Our idea of what is good and His can sometimes be radically different or reached on quite a different timetable or through a different path than we may want.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
and your ways are not My ways.”
[This is] the LORD’s declaration.

“For as heaven is higher than earth,
so My ways are higher than your ways,
and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8,9

  • Thought is machashabah in Hebrew,  (Isn’t that a lovely word to say?) which means thought, plan, and purpose.
  • Way, or derek,  means journey, road, path, direction, and habit.
  • Higher means exalted and lofty.

God does things His own way in His own time.  So, my “One-Step Plan To Deal With Everything” is to continually develop your relationship with Christ.  Read His Word and respond to it.  Talk to Him intimately.  Listen.  And listen some more.

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