The Fear of the Lord is Life

13 Feb

First Flower

Fear-of-God is life itself, a full life, and serene—no nasty surprises.  Proverbs 19:23 MSG

The fear of the LORD leads to life;
then one rests content, untouched by trouble. NIV

The fear of the Lord leads is life.  Life, or chay, means living and alive such as the greening of vegetation, the flowing of fresh water, the lively activity of man, and the reviving we find in springtime.  I grew up in northern Illinois, and I think only people who have lived through such winters can truly understand the joy of the coming of Spring.  Maybe here in Ecuador we could relate it to the first rain after dry season, but I can well remember the joy of seeing the ice begin to break up on the creek and the first little crocus poking through the snow.

The fear of the Lord brings a full life.  The Hebrew word here means fullness and satisfaction.  When we fear the Lord we are focussed on Him and know that He’s on the throne.  He fills us with every spiritual need.

The fear of the Lord gives a serene life with no nasty surprises.  Does this mean that we won’t have trouble?  If that’s so, I don’t think ANYONE has ever lived in the Fear of the Lord!  According to Matthew Henry, this means:

Spiritual Safety: They  shall not be visited with evil; they may be visited with sickness or other afflictions, but there shall be no evil in them, nothing to hurt them, because nothing to separate them from the love of God, or hurt to the soul.

I like the idea of “no nasty surprises.”  Events may happen in our lives that surprise us, but if we fear God we know that nothing is a surprise to Him.  God is not scrambling to fix things.

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